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The Intentional CEO:

There's a better way to scale

You can make more money, work less and have more mental peace while scaling your company.

A 12 Week Transformative Program  


Step in to the highest version of yourself and your business.  Make more money, while working less, and being present to the things that matter most in your life.  
It's time to stop hustling and time to start leading intentionally.


Who this is for:

  • You run a successful company.
  • You make money and you have clients.
  • You have product market fit.
  • You know your goals for next quarter, but you don't know where you want to be in 3 or 5 years, or how you'll get there. 
  • You are running your business while being reactionary and are ready to change that.


You know there is a better way to run your business.  


It's time to take a step back, gain clarity and build the bigger vision.


In the program we guide you to step out of the day to day hustle and step into the most intentional and expansive version of yourself. Let's build the business that you can only dream of.



The Program


The program will be a mix of hot seat coaching, prompts for reflection, exercises to help you gain clarity  and curated discussions to learn from everyone in the room.


The energy inside of this "room" will be magic.  We will push you to be a better CEO, we will encourage you to dig deep and figure out what you really want and the group as a whole will hold you accountable.


The program is 9 calls over 12 weeks.  

We kick off with a 60 minute 2:1 call.

We will have a group voxer chat throughout the duration of the program.


September 7th - November 16th

Investment: $6500 


Week 1: Defining your vision for your company, your career and your life.

Week 2: Auditing your current business. A 360 view of your business.  What works, what doesn't, what is in alignment with what you want and what isn't.

Week 3: Collapsing the timeline between where you are and where you want to be.

Week 4: Facing your inner deamons: Boundaries, self worth, habits and more.

Week 5: Work less, make more $$$.

Week 6: Creating a roadmap that lights you up.

Week 7: Becoming the CEO that gets you there.

Week 8: Overcoming Challenges

Week 9: Revising roadmap + your plan going forward.

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So, why us?

Between the two of us we have coached hundreds of founders.  Emily has coached founders with multi millions in revenue and has intimately experienced the shift from hustling founder to intentional CEO, herself.  Ankita has extensive experience in helping founders shift out of the day to day and gain perspective through a number of modalities.  Ankita has studied meditation, somatic therapy and unconscious reprogramming that she brings to her coaching with founders.  We bring both the strategic and the mindset/energetics side to our mastermind.

Our experience together brings founders an unmatched level of coaching and guidance.  We have helped many founders step into their higher selves as an intentional CEO and we are excited to help you in this program.

“Emily and Ankita became my business coaches as well as my friends over the past 11 weeks. They are both so kind, smart, and encouraging AND make the perfect business coach duo.

Joining their mastermind was the best decision I could have made to grow my business. The two hours we met every week for the mastermind was my favorite time of the week. I'm sad it's over.”

- Linzay Davis